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Lithium iron phosphate battery is a core component used to build lithium-ion batteries, usually consisting of a positive electrode, a negative electrode, an electrolyte and a separator. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are widely used in electric vehicles, energy storage systems, emergency power supplies and other fields.

ItemsTechnical parameters
Nominal Voltage (V)
Nominal capacity (Ah)100120150280
Internal Resistance (mΩ)≤0.32≤0.3≤0.3≤0.18
Operating Voltage (V)2.5~3.65 (T>0℃)2.5~3.65 (T>0℃)2.5~3.65 (T>0℃)2.5~3.65 (T>0℃)
2.0~3.65 (T≤0℃)2.0~3.65 (T≤0℃)2.0~3.65 (T≤0℃)2.0~3.65 (T≤0℃)
Operating Temperature (℃)Charge: 0~50Charge: 0~50Charge: 0~50Charge: 0~50
Discharge: -20~55Discharge: -20~55Discharge: -20~55Discharge: -20~55
Storage: -30~45Storage: -30~45Storage: -30~45Storage: -30~45
Standard Charge and Discharge0.5C0.5C0.5C0.5C
Sustainable charge/discharge Rate2C, 30s1C0.5C1C
Specific Energy (Wh/Kg)1C, 120s≥140≥145≥160
Cycle Life≥3500 Times/0.5C@25℃100%DOD≥5000 Times/1C@25℃100%DOD≥3000 Times/0.5C@25℃100%DOD≥5000 Times 0.5C@25℃100%DOD
Weight (Kg)≤2.552.863.3≤5.6
Model specificationLFP48100
Type of batteryLaminated lithium iron phosphate battery
Nominal voltage-48V
Nominal capacity280Ah
Cell specification3.2V/280Ah
Battery pack mode15 single batteries + BMS + rack or iron frame universal chassis
Battery pack sizeW 482×D 480×H 133(mm)
Weight47.0±1.0 kg
Working temperature-20~60℃
Storage temperature-25~70℃
Working relative humidity≤90%(40℃±2℃)
Working altitude0 ~ 3600m
Working atmospheric pressure70kpa-106kpa
Noise0 db
Special instructionsIf users need to use the program requirements in parallel, 48V/300Ah can be composed of 3 sets of LFP48100 in parallel; 48V/400Ah can be composed of 4 sets of LFP48100 in parallel; 48V/500Ah can be composed of 5 sets of LFP48100 in parallel;
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