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48V lithium iron phosphate battery


48V lithium iron phosphate battery uses carbon and lithium iron phosphate as raw materials. It has high energy density, safety and long cycle life. It is suitable for various scenarios such as home energy storage systems, commercial energy storage systems and electric vehicles. It is An efficient and environmentally friendly energy storage solution.

48V lithium iron phosphate battery product photograph
battery typeLFPLFP
nominal voltage48V51.2V
nominal capacity50Ah50Ah
battery pack sizeW482×D350×H133±1mm 3Uwidth 482× depth 350× height 133±1mm 3U
weight30.0±1.0 kg32.0±1.0 kg
operating temperature-20~65℃-20~65℃
charge voltage53.3V56.8V
float charging voltage51V54.4V
charging current0A~50A0A~50A
discharge current0A~50A0A~50A
discharge protection voltage40.5V (configurable).43.2V (configurable).
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